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A Step Above the Rest

Take a close look at the CompStone pergolas.  It looks like they're made of massive carved stone columns and wood beams, but they're not.  Instead, these pergolas are made of CompStone's poly-crete technology: using various types of polymers, cement, a triple blend of high grade sand, and mineral water that are mixed together to form our Durable Composite Material.


                Features and Benefits

                  +  Made of Durable Light Weight Composite Material (CompStone poly-crete technology)

                  +  Weather Resistant and Maintenance Free (perfect for coastal communities)
                  +  Insect Repellent (perfect for humid climates, particularly southern states)
                  +  Easy Install: Comes in a Kit, light weight material makes the install very manageable

                  +  Made in the USA


Instead of weighing 1,000 lbs. like a stone column, CompStone columns weigh only 63 lbs.

Instead of wood beams that weather, twist, and rot away over the years, what looks like wood on our pergolas is actually the CompStone poly-crete blend.

All beams are hand finished, stained, and coated with a sealant that protects against all weather conditions and UV rays.

CompStone Beams have the look solid walnut.  Offing the beauty of massive wood beams without the cost, weathering, and maintenance associated with wood pergolas.

Unlike wood and vinyl pergolas, CompStone pergolas will not fade, warp, or rot.  CompStone’s poly-crete material is weather resistant, maintenance free, and insect repellent.

CompStone columns have the look and feel of carved stone and are the perfect foundation for the massive overhead beams.

Pergola Kits

4 Sizes to Choose From

10' x 10'

12' x 12'

14' x 14'

16' x 16'



If you need a specific shape, size and/or color, we will design and build a Custom Pergola just for you.

CompStone Pergolas Gallery

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