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The Look of Natural Stone without the cost and mess...


Find the perfect look for your project with 4 Series and 8 Colors to choose from.

Perfect for Do-It-Yourself projects… both exterior and interior applications:


+ House/Office Fronts and Wainscotings
+ Foundation Wraps
+ Outdoor Kitchens
+ Retaining Walls
+ Planters Boxes

+ Stone, Wood, Brick Accent Walls
+ Fireplaces
+ Kitchen and Bath Backsplashes
+ Man Caves

Any place you want the look of Stone, Wood or Brick.

CompStone Simulated Stone, Wood and Brick Panels offer the look of the real thing without the cost and effort.  These panels are beautifully hand finished and ready to install right out of the box.  CompStone Veneer Panels are light weight yet very durable. Constructed with a polyurethane base and our proprietary composite surface, these panels are weather resistant, maintenance free, and will look fantastic for years to come.

Ideal for both residential and commercial projects, CompStone Veneer Panels are easy to install with screws and/or adhesives.  Easily cut using a skill saw, our panels can be trimmed to create a fine edge finish.  Priced at approximately half of what a stone/brick mason would charge, without the mess of chicken-wire, mortar, and acid wash. 

For 10 years CompStone Veneer Panels have been the first choice of designers, architects and contractors and are now available for DYI projects…  making our panels the perfect choice!

Give your home or office a makeover with durable, beautiful CompStone Veneer Panels… the Next Best Thing.

The Look of Solid Brick without the cost and mess...


Find the perfect look for your project with 3 Series and 6 Colors to choose from.


Veneer Panels

The Look of Fine Grain Wood without the maintenance...


Find the perfect look for your project with  1 Series and 4 Colors to choose from.

WoodVeneer Panels

StoneVeneer Panels

Simulated Stone, Wood, and Brick Siding

Veneer Panels